Stranger Things | Snapchat AR filter

Brand: Stranger Things
Agency: Snap Inc.
Tech: AR
Branche: TV

Stranger Things season 3 has recently launched and for its promotion Netflix worked together with Snapchat to bring fans to the “upside down”, the alternate dimension from the show.


When entering the park, fans could scan the monumental marquee of Wrigley Field, to unlock an AR experience. Netflix used Snapchat’s marker tracking technology where the marquee served as a 2D marker. Once scanned the familiar font lettering out Wrigley Field morphed to the equally noticeable font of Stranger Things.


Fans at the stadium could also submit their own name and let them display on the marquee for all to witness. Still, it wouldn’t be Stranger Things without a demonic monster lurking in the corner.


The AR experience was available for one day and only at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. A bit of bummer, as only Chicagoans could check out the AR experience. Still, a video on Twitter of the experience was viewed around 110.000 times by fans all over the world.