Brand: TIME
Agency: Time Immersive
Tech: AR
Branche: Education

Time added a second experience on their TIME Immersive app. “Inside the Amazon, The Dying Forest” takes the viewer to  one of the most remote places on earth, the Brazilian rainforest.


TIME uses hi-def cameras mounted to drones to capture the true essence of the jungle. These captured a detailed 3D scans which in turn are displayed using augmented reality.  The project’s goal is to raise attention to the ongoing deforestation of the Amazon. Dr Jane Goodall, most famous for her work in conservation and animal welfare, explains the driving forces behind the deforestation. She gives you unique insights about all the creatures in the dense forest.


The  photorealistic 3D scans and the way of giving information  serve as call to action to preserve the Amazon and inform the unknowledgeable. It boosted the amount of downloads from the App Store and increased overall engagement from the audience. How would you reach out to your audience to brief them about such topics?