SpaceBuzz | Virtual overview of Earth

Brand: SpaceBuzz
Tech: VR
Branche: Non-profit

Experience the ‘overview effect’ of seeing the Earth as a whole planet in the SpaceBuzz VR experience. During the International Astronautical Congress,  SpaceBuzz, a Dutch non-profit organisation, hosted a virtual reality show using an avatar of Dutch astronaut André Kuipers.


Put on a VR headset and let Kuipers’ avatar guide you through the process of taking off into space. During the trip, you are able to fly around the world and experience the stunning aurora lights lighting up the atmosphere above the world, as well as fishing boats out at sea.

If you are lucky, you might see the ISS and other objects such as satellites cluttering space. The voyage culminates with a jaunt to the moon, where Earth appears dramatically different from so far away.


SpaceBuzz’ goal of this experience is to expose more people to space, technology and engineering. The bus has been a major hit, with plans for a second bus already in the works, as well as launching the experience online to reach an even bigger audience.