Brand: Vodafone
Agency: immersive.io
Tech: AR
Branche: Sport

Vodafone teamed up with DFL for a premiere in professional football: Supporters used their smartphones to see live, visual stats about the game using the incredible speed of the new 5G network.


Supporters at the Volkswagen Arena stadium could test the prototype of a new real-time app, co-created with immersiv.io, to receive match statistics, player information and line-ups. In the future, spectators will be able to see how quickly players run, how many shots on goal a certain player has, and where these shots took place. These statistics will be shown with an augmented reality overlay on the smartphone’s camera.


5G connection and AR make it possible to instantly show live data and statistics, which makes it an incredible tool for instances where speed and accuracy are important factors. This results in improvements in data sharing, quicker interactions with users and more engagement!