Warby Parker | AR Glasses

Brand: Warby Parker
Agency: Warby Parker
Tech: Augmented Reality
Branche: Retail

Searching for the right pair of glasses can be difficult for many. To make it easier for consumers, Warby Parker introduces their new “virtual try-on” feature on their app.

People are now able to try on Warby Parker’s glasses using AR whenever – and wherever they want. The virtual glasses are impressively detailed and stay fixed in place even when you tilt and move your head. “I tested the feature against the pair of Warby Parker glasses I already own, and the virtual version of my frames looked identical to the real thing.”

The app reduces the friction consumers have by allowing them to try on many new glasses with little to no effort. It also allows Warby Parker to show all of their frames, as they cannot stock their whole show floors. The app received over 43.000 five-star reviews and the new try-on feature was named best in its class by Apple.