Brand: Cherry Blossom Festival and World Square
Agency: Vandal
Tech: AR
Branche: Event

The Cherry Blossom Festival is an award winning festival in Sydney. It’s based on the celebration of the start of the Cherry Blossom Season. This years’ celebration is taken a bit further by creating virtual blossom and activities to supplement the pink flora in the Auburn Botanic Gardens at World Square


In order to enjoy all the virtual possibilities the Festival offers, visitors have to download the World Square app. When visiting the World Square, visitors can walk (with augmented reality) through the Torii Gate and witness the square blossom up into a colourful, Japanese styled world. Playing AR games on an interactive screen at the square helps a digital Cherry Blossom tree to bloom.


The visitors participating in the experience can share their experiences with #WSQCherryBlossom in order to win prizes. This case combines different types of AR, a social component and incentives to create an engaging experience.