Boston Red Sox | Snapchat AR Lens

‘’We Miss You’’, a loud and clear message from the Boston Red Sox visualised in AR with Snapchat Lens. The Sox reached out to their fans with not one, but two Snapchat AR lenses to transport them to the historical Fenway Park. 

The Portal to Fenway lens lets users take a look behind the old-school hand-operated scoreboard. This board is a piece of baseball history, also known as the Green Monster. Upon arrival at the scoreboard you will see tiles with worn out numbers, scribbles on the walls from past employees, a scoreboard attendant and much more. 

The Fenway Home Portal allows users to step on the home plate of Fenway Park. Here you will see a message, via a small window on your phone,  from the Red Sox: ‘’We Miss You’’. The park itself is completely empty and there is no sound of the usuals games being played or echoes of cheering fans. 


Brand: Boston Red Sox
Tech: AR
Branch: sport

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