Real Estate Band | ‘’Quarantour’’ concert at home

The Real Estate Band launched their “Quarantour” AR experience in collaboration with CALLEN. The AR experience aims to bring fans as close to a live concert as possible without having to leave home. 

The album “The Main Thing” was recorded in a studio and visualized via a website. They recreated an entire five-piece stage along with lights, sound rigs and an encore. In the experience, you’ll see the band perform their songs from The Main Thing album on stage. The WebAR experience works by first scanning your surroundings and after aligning your smartphone camera with a flat surface. You can also zoom in and out and replace the three-dimensional rock venue to your likings. 

The AR concert was published on several social media platforms and got over 35.000 views combined. It has led to an interesting form of entertainment in a time where hardly anyone can leave their homes. 


BrandReal Estate Band
Agency: CALLEN
Tech: AR
Branch: Music

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