Resn | Below the Surface AR

Resn and environmental non-profit Sea Shepherd have combined forces to create the Below the Surface AR experience for mobile devices. It aims to raise awareness by putting users in the middle of the harsh reality of commercial fishing.

The experience starts off with a dolphin struggling in a fishing net fearing for its life. This is preceded by a fishing boat passing overhead that hauls the dolphins out of the water before dumping them back in dead or injured.

After seeing dead floating dolphins around, you are kindly asked to donate to Sea Shepherd to end dolphin slaughter. To simulate a lifelike motion they used a combination of VFX techniques and microparticles. These techniques enabled them to implement the AR experience inside a mobile browser (WebAR).

Resn and Sea Shepherd hope that people donate money to prevent the extinction of dolphins in the near future. The AR experience is impactful and brings users face to face with the truth. It lets you think twice before ordering fish and ships the next time you are at a restaurant.

Tech: Augmented Reality
Collaboration: Sea Shepherd
Branch: Retail

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