Viewtoo | AR Face Mask Guide

Viewtoo created a free AR tool for desktop and mobile devices to show people how to properly use face masks during these troubling times. The company was concerned with the amount of people that use facemasks the wrong way, which can lead to new COVID-19 cases.

The AR tool was created with the platform ZappWorks and uses WebAR, so people don’t have to download an app. The AR tool uses face tracking to place a mask on the user and guide them through the simple steps to put on a face mask. The user will learn how to effectively use the mask, how to dispose of it and even warn you about common mistakes that can be made.. The link can easily be shared thanks to WebAR, to easily educate your family and friends about this simple but important lesson.

Viewtoo wanted to help the whole world go through these troubled times now that millions of face masks are being used weekly to protect people from COVID-19. This AR experience is a very helpful tool and gives us a chance to make the world a safer place.

Brand: Viewtoo
Tech: Augmented Reality
Agency: Zappar
Branch: Education

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