Agency: Strategy Works
Category: Event
Project date: May 2018

The question

Digitizing occurs at an enormous velocity. In order to stay informed about the latest developments Strategy Works organized a two-day master class for the Salesforce employees. Managers, specialists, company leaders and CEOs from various industries participated in the program: Enlighten your customers.

Day one started with workshops about big data and artificial intelligence. These workshops would be followed by an interactive workshop in which the participants were both informed and inspired. The goal was to have them develop concepts for various industries.

The solution

We devised a three hour long program in which all aspects of both virtual and augmented reality were present. In order to keep the participants engaged great care was taken to create a diverse schedule. Apart from market insights and theories there were also inspiring examples from various industries.

After each section the participants had to collaborate in their group and devise an elaborate VR/AR concept for a specific industry. Subsequently the ideas were pitched, after which there was time allotted for feedback.

The execution

Our event team provided a VR headset for every participant during the first section. These were used during the presentation to show various examples. Thanks to our unique event software the participants could start the videos without any effort.

During the second round a smartphone was provided for everyone which allowed the participants to view the augmented reality experiences. We had made a selection of AR cases in fields like marketing, technology and healthcare.

After the scheduled program the event team was available to assist the participants and show other applications.


“Great presentation and kudos to the entire team. I’m currently promoting the masterclass for another round in the UK and the US.”

– Gerard Braat, PhD MSc, Program Architect – Salesforce

“Our entire team agreed the workshop was very good and informative, we would love to work together again in the future.”

– Adriaan de Bruijn, Strategy Consultant – Strategy Works

The result

The responses of the participants and the organization during the augmented reality workshop were unanimously positive. The variation between theory and practice created a pleasant balance. There were also enthusiastic responses concerning the brainstorm session. The translation of the acquired knowledge to a personal case created a better understanding of the two technologies.